There’s an old adage in the real estate business: “What are the three most important things in real estate? Location, Location, Location!” At Baldwin Homes, we realize that many things are important to our homebuyers in addition to location. For 40 years, our homes have been designed and built with a focus on quality and value, while including livable floor plans, energy efficient features, a home warranty – and the list goes on.

What else should you consider as you are selecting your new home? We believe the financial strength of the homebuilding company is an important consideration, especially in today’s uncertain economic environment. Below are a few items for your consideration in determining our ability to “be there for you,” both during the construction process and after you have closed on your new home:

  • Been in business for over 40 years and going
  • Ranked number #1 in Kansas City for large builders in the Northland
  • Customer service – Our warranty is as solid as the foundations on our houses. 24/7 Web access to report issues.
  • One stop shop! Sales, Financing, Title, Insurance
  • Testimonials from our past clients

We believe that the reason we have been so successful is bringing you the best. The best communities with the best quality construction in the business. Your home is not just a building site it is your home and we understand that before, during and after the sale.

Customer Care

Third Party Warranty Company Provider:

We are proud to partner with BBSG and their Builder/Buyer Services Group’s virtual Builder/Buyer CARE program.